Information on Youth Minister Position

at Dover Baptist Church


Here is the description for this part/time position. We are looking to hire immediately. The job entails coming to church on Wednesday nights when the youth meet and on Sundays for church. The youth minister salary is $7,800 per year. That equates is $150 per week. The youth minister will also be reimbursed for travel at 56 cents per mile. Here is what you could expect in mileage from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
31 miles from the seminary - 62 miles round trip - $34.72 per trip.

Job Description for Minister of Students

  • Grades 6 (Tweens) through 12

  • Communicating the love of God and this church to them and their families and the development of a comprehensive educational program.

  • Must give spiritual guidance to the student he/she has to work with plus do outreach to get more involved in the ministry he/she is leading.

  • Must have a gift and calling to work with this age group. We are willing to train and mentor the person that is called by Dover Baptist Church.

  • Enlist and train volunteers to assist in the ministry as needed. He/She will be responsible for teaching Sunday School on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening and others time as they see a need for. There will be special activities this minister will set up for outreach and fellowship, on other days.

  • Must continue to work on their own spiritual growth. He/ She will be supervised by the Senior Pastor.
    Report regularly at the monthly business meeting of the church and meet on a regular basis with the Senior Pastor.

  • Plan, coordinate, direct and evaluate special activities for students.

  • Keep good communication with students and their families and the church.

  • Develop and manage a budget for supplies and events.

  • Will decide on what resources he/she would like to use and use The Bible as their main source.

  • This is a Southern Baptist Church and he/she is expected to follow our beliefs and guidelines.

  • Must have an effective prayer life and Bible study.

  • Serve as the primary leader for the teaching and disciplining of the students who are active in the student ministry.

  • Keep good communication with parents. Plan some activities for the parents and students together.

  • Make sure this ministry is an integral part of all Dover Baptist Church does and is not isolated.

  • Teach missions and even take the youth on a mission trip.

  • Couples are welcome also as leaders. Continuing learning and growing.

If interested, please contact Brian/Michelle Turner at



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