Work Day Continues....

Not everything was finished during our annual Work Day last Saturday, March 27th. Work on the Prayer Garden continues. Several people helped with the ongoing project on Tuesday, March 30th. God gave us a warm, beautiful day to do the work. Thank you Lord! Here are some pictures of what they were working on. Great job! (Photos courtesy of Charlotte White)


Jimmy White making sure the

cross is going to be perfect.

Backing up the dump cart

to unload the gravel.

Billy and Jimmy White

doing some shoveling.

Jimmy tamping down the

base with a motorized tamper.

Wayne Miller was helping

fill in the cross as well.

Jimmy manually tamping

down the base.

Angelina White helping

out with her shovel as well.

Sophia and Isabella

White helping Wayne Miller.

Sophia, Isabella, Wayne and

Jackson Say (Janice's grandson)

preparing to lay the pave stones.

The finished product was covered

up due to the in climate weather

heading to Kentucky. Good thing

they did, it poured down during

the storm.




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