Tribute Quartet Entertains and Inspires!

On Friday night, January 21, 2022, the Tribute Quartet held a concert, at Dover Baptist Church, that started at 7:00 PM. 89 people were in attendance on this cold January night. Those that showed up were treated to some really great Gospel Music and a really fun time! They sang, they played, they had some comic relief and they also witnessed. If you missed this performance, you really missed out! Brother Bradley was the emcee for the concert and he participated with the group on one number. After the show, they moved over to the Family Life Center to meet the audience and to sell some of their CDs and merchandise. Here are some photos showing some of what went on. There is also a sample of one of their songs on our church YouTube page. The song is "There's Only One." To get to it, click the YouTube icon at the bottom left of this page. To hear the song in full, visit their website and download the song or the whole album! It can be found at





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