Work Day Starts Early Due to Forecast For Bad Weather

Work Day got an early start this year, due to the forecast for rainy weather on Saturday, March 25th. Billy White ask for volunteers to meet him at the church at 9:15, AM on Wednesday the 23rd to spread mulch at the church. Several people stepped up to help. Billy and Charlotte White were there. Billy brought the mulch over with his truck and dump cart trailer. Bro. Nathan Mayfield and Greg Bell emptied the contents of the trailer into wheelbarrows and buckets so that Charlotte, Beth Wood, Wayne Miller and Jimmy White could spread it around the various areas of the church grounds. After spreading the mulch, the group discovered the gutters on the parsonage were overflowing with tree debris. Bro. Mayfield took the lead by climbing the ladder while digging out the offending plant matter from the gutters. He was assisted by Jimmy and Greg. Wayne also mowed the lawn of the Prayer Garden. Billy cleaned off the mulch that landed on the sidewalks and parking lot. While this was going on, Charlotte and Beth got lunch ready for the workers. Here are some photos of the work taking place and lunch afterwards. A BIG thank you to all that were involved.







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