"Unsung Hero" Movie Shoot at Dover Baptist Church



A very rare thing happened in Shelby County on Monday October 17th and Tuesday the 18th. A film crew descended on Dover Baptist Church to work on a new movie. Dover will serve as the backdrop for a portion of the movie. Bro. Bradley Gray had been contacted by movie producers to see if the church was willing to be used in the production of their latest Christian movie. Bro. Bradley brought the idea to the trustees and deacons who agreed to allow the church to be used in the movie. The film they are working on is called Unsung Hero, and they're producing the film with the Christian music band, For King and Country. It's a biographical film about the Smallbone family's immigration from Sydney, Australia to Nashville, Tennessee. The film covers their struggles throughout the process, their rise to fame in the music industry, as well as presenting a family who comes together to pray to God in their time of struggle. The producers of this film have made many acclaimed Christian films such as Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, Moms' Night Out, Woodlawn, I Can Only Imagine, I Still Believe, and many more. The crew worked 12 hour days to get everything they needed done on time. The film company also wanted to utilize the church's dining area for lunch, hair/makeup and wardrobe rooms. The parsonage was used for dressing rooms for the actors. They needed the entire parking lot for their crew and vehicles. They also hired a team who would also clean up the church after they were done. It would look exactly the same as they found it. They also set up a large tent in the church’s backyard for more work area. In addition, there was an off-site staging area down Dover Road in a large tent. When Bro. Bradley asked the producers how they knew about/found Dover Baptist Church, they replied, “you all have the best Facebook Page we have ever seen!” The movie will be out sometime in 2024. For all the work they did at Dover, the producer said it would amount to about 6 minutes of actual film in the movie.

You ask….why did this take so long for you to post? Contractually, we could not put out anything about the movie until after November 11, 2022. So, we were just keeping up our end of the deal.


Tuesday October 17 - Greg Bell's Gallery





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