First Church Service With New Parking Lot - Pastor

Appreciation Day Too!


On Sunday morning, October 30, 2022, Dover Baptist Church attendees were able to park on our newly paved parking lot. Our new parking lot passed the test on Sunday. We had a few that didn't see the arrow signs but that was to be expected. The parking lot is now a loop that runs clockwise. Enter straight in, then turn to the right and then exit. Easy, peazy.... Everyone also did a good job putting them between the lines (except one unnamed person LOL).



After the morning worship service, and during the announcements, Bro. Billy White presented our interim pastor Bro. Bradley Gray with a nice gift bag for Pastor Appreciation Day/Month. Bradley has been pulling double duty as our pastor and music minister, since Bro. Ben retired. He is doing a fine job! The church members pitched in to give him a nice gift(s) to so our appreciation for all his hard work. Thanks Bradley!




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