Mission Emphasis Sunday at Dover Baptist Church


Sunday, July 28th, Dover Baptist Church held Mission Emphasis Sunday. We heard from three different groups on three distinctly different ways to witness via missions. The first group talked about missions within the United States. This was Judy Pierce and Doris Riddle who travelled to the Pine Ridge Rerservation last year and are planning a trip again this Fall. The discussed the problems facing the Native Americans and what we can do to try and help them. The next group talked about service related missions here in Kentucky. Kelli and Abbie Carper participated in a service mission with Kentucky Changers. This mission involved helping others by working on their homes and sharing The Gospel through service. The last group consisted of Freddie and Diane Sharp who talked about serving The Lord via foreign missions. The Sharps travelled to Italy where their is a dire need for Jesus Christ in the lives of the Italians many of whom take salvation for granted. There are a variety of ways and places that we can spread The Word of God. Which way it best for you?


Here are some photos from the service.





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